Sonntag, 30. November 2014

To lose means to remember - The memories in our hearts will never fade away

We meet people in our lives and all of them leave some kind of tracks. Some accompany us for a long while, some for a shorter one but all of them have some impact on us.
Often it seems like we forget them or the time we spend together but when we start remembering, we realize that the memories are not gone. They are still there and they always will be.  These memories can never be lost because we keep them in our hearts and not in our minds.

Fabian and I came to Oamaru as strangers and especially the Year 13s did not have much interest in us. They have had so many volunteers before us that they did not really care anymore if we told them to get out of bed or not, they just stayed there anyway; they lived there life as it pleased them, without offending or hurting anyone though.
Nevertheless we got to know some of them and Shaun Kelliher was one of these boys who at last showed a little bit of interest and although we do not share many memories there are some Fabian and I can think of and that still make us laugh.

Compared to me, most of the boys at the Hostel are “big” boys and Shaun was a hungry one too. One evening he decided that he wanted some supper. So he came down to the parents room to get some but because I knew that he always wanted to get a “few” pieces of cake for the other boarders as well I stopped him – well at least I tried to. He simply picked me up, dropped me onto the couch, took some supper, gave a cheeky laugh and left me there.  The whole thing just worked, because I let him pick me up of course.

It seemed to us that Shaun thought he always could get away with his happy smile until he met the strict german fella Fabian. Shaun wanted to borrow some butter and Fabian told him that it was alright as long as he brought it back or he would get work. Of course Shaun gave him his nicest smile and it does not surprise that he did not return the butter, so Fabian gave him work. It must have been the silliest entry in the workbook for a while: 30 minutes of work for borrowing butter and not returning it.
Well funny was the face Shaun made when he saw that he had gotten work not believing that Fabian had carried out his threat.  But even the toughest German at SKC could not resist his charm. In the end 30 minutes became like 3 minutes.

Fabian and I were a part of the St Kevin’s family and we still feel like one so that this loss makes us sad and pensive.

Shaun you were loved by your hostel family and you will never be forgotten. The memories we have of you remain in our hearts until we accompany you again.

You are with God now, so Rest In Peace, may he be with your family and friends to give them comfort at this time of sorrow.

Keep on smiling in times of sorrow because it shows how many good memories of the loved person we have. Keep on joking, because it shows that we love remembering. Don’t be afraid of tears, may they reflect the pride you feel that you were one of those who were a part of Shaun’s life.

RIP Shaun and God be with you all.

                Fabian and Marcel

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